The documentation of DORiE


Welcome to the DORiE Documentation!

DORiE is a DUNE module for solving the Richards equation. The source code is available from the public repository. A ready-to-use application is available from Docker Hub. DORiE is licensed under the MIT License.

Never used DORiE before? Get to learn its features by working through Quick Start. If you have already installed DORiE, jump straight to the Cook Book and have a look at the test cases described therein!

You might also want to have a look at both the DORiE Configuration File Guide and Boundary Condition Datafile Guide, explaining all input parameters and boundary condition files, respectively.

A complete documentation of the DORiE source code, the Python modules and the CMake files is provided for DORiE developers.

DORiE complies to Semantic Versioning. Version number assignment and increment are based on the Public API Definition.

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