Parameter Field File Specifications

The parameter field file is used to supply soil parameter information to the simulation. It is supplied as H5 File.

The Parameter Field Generator module always generates files compliant to this specification.

The structure of this file is as follows:

  • H5Group: parameters


    • array: extensions : n-dimensional spatial extensions of the field

    • bool: millerSimilarity : whether Miller scaling shall be used

    • string: parameterization : Only “vanGenuchten” supported

    • double: variance : Variance of the Gaussian random field for Miller scaling

    • H5Group: vanGenuchten

      Datasets for each parameter in a n-dimensional field. The extensions of all datasets must match. Additionally, there is the raw_field dataset, specifying the natural logarithm of the Miller scaling factor.

      • H5Dataset: alpha
      • H5Dataset: k0
      • H5Dataset: n
      • H5Dataset: tau
      • H5Dataset: theta_r
      • H5Dataset: theta_s
      • H5Dataset: raw_field